About us

As a local knife maker in the United States, when we see more and more Americans adore Japanese and German knives, this makes us constantly reflect, yes, we can do it too! We have nothing to fear in the face of such a formidable opponent, because we have high-quality steel and advanced knife-making technology, Brodark's mission is to make American steel technology great again in kitchen knives!

How do you define a good knife?
If you're not someone who has a passion for food and cooks a lot, it's impossible to know whether a knife is good or bad. We not only started from our own feelings, but also surveyed nearly 100 Michelin chefs and more than 50 housewives who are keen to cook. We collected statistics and obtained the most important factors for a good knife: weight, grip sense, hardness, sharpness, and rust resistance. So Brodark starts from these five aspects and makes a good knife. It allows you to make a delicious meal in the most labor-saving way. Every Brodark knife has been developed by designers for several months. We also send a professional team to a knife with a history of 1400 years. Yangjiang, learn and exchange the latest knife making technology, and cooperate with them to produce professional kitchen knives.

Our philosophy
Brodark is a professional knife maker. Our team members are not only passionate about cooking, but also obsessed with making knives. Knife making is our lifelong mission! We want to create high-quality knives that our Chinese people like!