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8 Inch Sharp Cooking Knife

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About this item

  • CNC Milling: The chef knife is a one-piece molding by CNC milling. Operated by a computer during production, every blade ensures a more neat and smoother line than a common knife. It improves the safety, comfort, and efficiency of cutting that allows you to handle all the kitchen tasks with ease
  • Redefine the sharpness: ZDF-905 powder steel combined with a very fine-grained structure. It is stronger, harder, and more durable than conventional steel. It composed of 0.93% high carbon to enhances its durability. Containing 14% of chromium to prevent corrosion and 0.48% of molybdenum to ensure a non-brittle blade. The HRC 60±2 hardness can keep its razor-sharp edge cut after cut. This knife achieves a good balance between sharpness, edge retention, and toughness
  • A real all-rounder: A good dish starts with an excellent all-rounded kitchen knife. This 8-inch chef knife can be used with various cutting techniques to achieve a wide range of kitchen tasks and makes cutting meats, fish, vegetables, and fruits easy, clean, satisfying.
  • Comfortable and Durable: The military-grade G10 handle is triple riveted, which gives exceptional strength and durability. It's designed for efficiency, comfort, and perfectly balanced construction which make you comfortable even for extended use. In addition, It’s all one piece so there’s no place for bacteria to find a safe harbor and grow
  • Lifetime and 100% Money-Back Guarantee: BRODARK will provide you a 90days Money-Back guarantee, free replacement as well as a lifetime warranty for this chef knife. We are always here to make any issue right. Buy with confidence and enjoy the cooking time with your family!
  • 1. The cutting action should be done away from the body.
    2. When not in use, the knife should be placed in a safe position and the blade should be protected.
    3. Don't play around with knives.
Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester